Finde Labs is a written as a compilation of the personal projects I work on each month. I post here on things I find to be interesting, or to simply document the work I'm doing so I have a place to look it up later!

I primarily develop on OpenBSD, as I find it more satisfying to use than Linux, even though I utilized RedHat heavily in my day job.

I use OpenBSD as a production router, mail server, web server, load balancer, and metrics collection server with zabbix. I also have a couple of beefy FreeBSD fileshares.

Today I focus primarily on cloud development, with most of my personal work on OpenBSD being done on Vultr VM's. I highly recommend their services, and they have a loyal customer in me. If you like my work, and want to check out Vultr, check out this link.

If you have questions, you can always email. In order to give the web scrapers a hard time, my email is "editor" @ this site's domain.

And finally, I believe that code should be as simple, and robust as possible, less complexity please. Less code is good code.