Rust Redis Proxy

By Finde Labs |  Dec 7, 2019  | linux, rust, redis, proxy, networking

This post is for a new rust project that I have been working on lately. I haven’t really touched rust much for nearly a year, but sometimes projects come up that necessitate a statically typed language. The program is a rust network proxy designed for use in HA redis deployments.

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Linux Swarm Script

By Finde Labs |  Aug 1, 2019  | linux, scripting

This article is regarding a script that I’ve never gotten to work properly on OpenBSD, and only works correctly (currently) in Linux. This script is used to access and run commands across multiple servers in parallel.

Edit: This script now works fine on OpenBSD, with the only requirement being to install the flock package! Also, this script is actively being ported to being 100% POSIX compliant, which should enable any shell to run it without issue.

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TigerVNC Setup on CentOS 7

By Finde Labs |  May 22, 2019  | linux, tigervnc, vnc, centos

This walkthrough will show you how to create a VNC service on a linux server, configure a window manager to spawn, and establish a reverse tunnel for connection security. I have chosen to utilize tigervnc as the VNC service, as this is a standard VNC package that ships with RHEL/CentOS currently.

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NFS Client Tuning on Linux

By Finde Labs |  Mar 25, 2019  | linux, nfs, scripting, tuning

In some of my previous posts, I spent some time attempting to squeeze out the best NFS performance as possible from OpenBSD. This time, I wanted to run a similar test, but on Linux and see if the same findings were applicable.

I found the results rather interesting, as they show that Linux is capable of faster transfer speeds than OpenBSD, with much less work. Of course, this doesn’t make me dislike OpenBSD any less (obviously), as the OS is still capable of fast transfers, and I am not building any supercomputers at my home.

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Compiling CWM on Linux

By Finde Labs |  Jan 25, 2019  | linux, cwm, source, compiling

I tried once, very briefly, to find a binary package for cwm on RHEL7. Maybe I was bored, or maybe I was just curious, but I figured out how to compile the cwm portable on Linux. It turned out to be a simple process of figuring out what packages were required to build cwm from source.

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