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Configuring DNS for a Mail Server

By Finde Labs |  Sep 23, 2019  | openbsd, dns, smtpd

Years ago, I always felt that creating a functioning mail server was a project full of pitfalls and speedbumps. Luckily OpenBSD makes the configuration of a working mail server relatively easy. However, creating a working server is only one piece of the puzzle. DNS must also be properly configured to help ensure that your emails actually reach their destinations. This article highlights some of the lessons I learned while creating the mail server for this domain.

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Linux Swarm Script

By Finde Labs |  Aug 1, 2019  | linux, scripting

This article is regarding a script that I’ve never gotten to work properly on OpenBSD, and only works correctly (currently) in Linux. This script is used to access and run commands across multiple servers in parallel.

Edit: This script now works fine on OpenBSD, with the only requirement being to install the flock package! Also, this script is actively being ported to being 100% POSIX compliant, which should enable any shell to run it without issue.

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Automatic Key Import with ssh-agent/ssh-add

By Finde Labs |  Jun 29, 2019  | openbsd, ssh-agent, ssh-add, scripting

If you are like me, then you probably use git as the primary way to manage your code repositories. I also tend to use my own ssh keys to access and manage my repo, so I do not have to remember more passwords. One simple way to manage ssh keys is with the ssh-agent and ssh-add utilities. Things are made easier still be automating the ssh-agent initialization process through bashrc, but this can also lead to complications if one is using a terminal multiplexer.

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Creating an IKEv1 IPSec VPN on OpenBSD

By Finde Labs |  Jun 7, 2019  | openbsd, ike, vpn, ipsec

Today I will be going over how to bring up a L2TP+IPSec VPN on OpenBSD. I am doing this because while I have been operating my own WireGuard VPN servers for the past few months now, I have experienced issues when the WireGuard server initiates over 100 connections. I know WireGuard is obviously still beta software, and that the issues could be caused by multiple things, but I wanted to give another option a shot.

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TigerVNC Setup on CentOS 7

By Finde Labs |  May 22, 2019  | linux, tigervnc, vnc, centos

This walkthrough will show you how to create a VNC service on a linux server, configure a window manager to spawn, and establish a reverse tunnel for connection security. I have chosen to utilize tigervnc as the VNC service, as this is a standard VNC package that ships with RHEL/CentOS currently.

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Recursive grep'ing with bash

By Finde Labs |  May 8, 2019  | openbsd, scripting, bash

How many times have grep’d a file, and then piped the output in order to grep again, and then piped that again to grep? Sometimes when I am search a file, I could end up piping maybe a dozen times while searching the file. Just for fun, I wanted to write a recursive grep program, rgrep in rust. However, as a first step, I figured I could write it in bash first.

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OpenBSD 6.5 tmux updates

By Finde Labs |  Apr 27, 2019  | openbsd, tmux

As you may know, OpenBSD recently released version 6.5. With this new release, came a updated version of tmux, which has implemented a number of configuration changes that may require an updated tmux.conf. While -current has had these updates for awhile, I had simply ignore tmux’s warnings. However, since updating my systems to 6.5, I was finally complied and updated my conf.

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