Configuring Calm Window Manager

By Finde Labs |  Jan 28, 2019  | openbsd, window-manager, cwm

Even though I am such a proponent of OpenBSD, and BSD’s in general, my first foray into opensource was actually with linux. Since I was so young at the time, all I really seemed to care about was gnome vs kde. I quickly learned about the importance of the command line, and gradually shifted to become more interested in more minimal window managers. Trying out wm’s like fluxbox, openbox, and ratpoison, I quickly became obsessed with the minimal.

I eventually settled on using i3wm on my thinkpad for awhile, but have since moved to simply ssh’ing into my servers from a chromebook. However, I recently game calm window manager a try, and have since fallen in love.

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Compiling CWM on Linux

By Finde Labs |  Jan 25, 2019  | linux, cwm, source, compiling

I tried once, very briefly, to find a binary package for cwm on RHEL7. Maybe I was bored, or maybe I was just curious, but I figured out how to compile the cwm portable on Linux. It turned out to be a simple process of figuring out what packages were required to build cwm from source.

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