OpenBSD 6.5 tmux updates

By Finde Labs |  Apr 27, 2019  | openbsd, tmux

As you may know, OpenBSD recently released version 6.5. With this new release, came a updated version of tmux, which has implemented a number of configuration changes that may require an updated tmux.conf. While -current has had these updates for awhile, I had simply ignore tmux’s warnings. However, since updating my systems to 6.5, I was finally complied and updated my conf.

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OpenBSD with tmux

By Finde Labs |  Jan 24, 2019  | openbsd, scripting, tmux, terminal-multiplexing

Being able to take off from work, and the next morning, be able to hop back into my tmux session from the day before is truly lifechanging. I used a custom screen config for a little while before stumbling across tmux. I read into tmux one day at work, and was simply amazed at how much easier it was to configure than screen! This led me to conduct an in-depth comparison between tmux and screen. Did you know, screen has some 254 known bugs? Some go back to 2005 the last time I checked.

Tmux is an active project that is significantly easier to configure, and just as stable in my experiance.

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